The purpose of KAUTE Foundation is to advance scientific research, education and studies within the fields of business and engineering. The foundation awards grants both independently and in cooperation with other foundations. Grants may be awarded to individuals and workgroups. Grants are not awarded to companies. Grant recipients must be affiliated with a university.

Grants intended for scientific research (including doctoral thesis projects) are primarily awarded to individuals with a university degree in business or engineering. Communities and research groups working in fields covered by the foundation may apply for grants for research projects and for editing publications.

The foundation also financially supports education and the creation, assembly and publication of scientific research and data within business and engineering, and awards prizes for significant accomplishments in these fields.

The foundation also has two special funds set up to support sciences outside business and engineering. The Santasalo Fund supports research relating to the cleanliness and hygiene of processes used in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. The Eeva-Liisa Hirvisalo fund supports research focusing on Finland’s indigenous natural resources.

No grants are awarded for basic higher education degree studies, with the exception of study-related travel grants awarded to Aalto University School of Business students by the Foreign Trade Special Fund. No grants are awarded to polytechnic or MBA degree students.

More information about KAUTE Foundation’s grants:
Executive Director Tuomas Olkku
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