Accessing grant funds

Accessing the grant funds requires filling out a payment request in KAUTE’s grant service.

The grant is paid to the applicant’s bank account in Finland. Grants awarded to workgroups or research teams are not paid to personal accounts – the signatory of the grant application must agree on a grant payment process with the institution where the research takes place.

KAUTE Foundation grants are paid out four times a year. Payment dates are June 22, September 22, December 22 and March 22. Payment requests must be filed a minimum of three days earlier. Grants totalling at least 6,000 euros can be accessed in multiple instalments (minimum instalment 3,000 euros).

Using the grant and grant expiration

The grant application signatory is responsible for the grant being used in the manner stated in the application. If the grant project is delayed, its content changes, or the project team undergoes changes while work is in progress, the grant application signatory must immediately inform the Foundation and seek the Foundation Board’s approval to continue using the grant.

When the grant is used to hire additional employees, the grant recipient is responsible for income tax and other legally mandated employer responsibilities. The recipient must state the grant received in their tax return. The Foundation will inform tax authorities of grants paid out.

If a payment plan / agreement form for a grant has not been delivered within six months of the grant being awarded, the grant will expire, unless otherwise agreed with the Foundation. If the grant is not accessed within two years of it being awarded, it will expire.

  • Reporting

    Publications resulting from KAUTE funding must include an acknowledgment of KAUTE grant support. For example “We/I acknowledge the financial support from KAUTE Foundation for the research reported in this paper (or when applicable “for this book”). In presentations please use the Foundation logo, which can be found here.

    During the grant usage period, grant recipients must on their own initiative provide the Foundation with proof of grant project’s progress such as a written or video blog post (your own blog or the Foundation blog) and Tweets (@kaute_saatio).

    The reporting is delivered annually at latest by the end of November following the first grant payment.

    As soon as the grant project has been completed, grant recipients must on their own initiative provide a closing report of how the grant was used, including a public summary to be published on the Foundation’s website. The report is free-form and should mainly cover the results and benefits of the work, what the grant was used for and how it advanced the project’s completion.

    In the case of grants awarded for doctoral thesis or research & publication work, the research report or publication is sent to the Foundation as soon as the work is completed.

    In the case of study trips, a short report, travel diary, or a copy of the degree certificate should be provided once the trip is over.

  • Grant recipient taxation and pension

    The grant issuer does not employ the grant recipient, so the grant does not provide the social security of employment. Grant recipients are responsible for their own pension payments, insurance, and other liabilities during the grant period.

    Grant funds exceeding the government’s annual artist grant allowance (19,728.00 euros in 2013) are taxable income. Taxation procedure legislation and tax administration regulations require the Foundation to provide tax authorities with an annual report of grants awarded, itemised by recipient. Grant recipients must follow tax regulations – contact the tax authorities for detailed information.

    Starting January 1st, 2009, grant recipients’ social and pension security is covered under an amendment to Farmers’ pension law (22.12.2006/1280). The law applies to grants awarded after the law came to force. According to this law, grant recipients are responsible for their own insurance, but the grant issuer must inform Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution (Mela) of grant recipients. The grant issuer has no other payment-related or supervisory responsibilities. The notification obligation applies to grants meant for working in Finland, lasting at least four months continuously and exceeding the minimum limit (1,217.33 euros in 2013).

    Working grant -based insurance can be applied for via Mela’s electronic services once the grant recipient has been informed of the grant approval decision and has started work using the grant. The insurance must be applied for within three months of work commencing. Insurance payments are approximately 14% of the grant amount. Social insurance payments are tax deductible.

    More information about insuring:


For more information, contact Executive Director Tuomas Olkku at [email protected].