Grants under the Post Docs in Companies program can be applied for in March 2017.

PoDoCo program manual PoDoCo_manual_07062015

International researcher exchange grants under the Tutkijat Maailmalle program can be applied for in March 2017.

Applying for the Foundation’s grants

The Foundation’s grants can be applied for during the application period with an electronic application form. Applications are assessed according to the following criteria:



Applicant ability
Assessment of applicant ability takes into account the applicant’s former achievements in research or elsewhere. Applicants are expected to show passion for their own research and that they have, or aim to have, international networks. Grant decisions will also take into account the applicant’s overall funding situation.


Scientific ambition of the research
The research subject is new and relates to recent scientific conversation. Multidisciplinary approaches or research methods are also considered a merit.


Relevance of research to Finnish society and business life
It is important to discuss the practical relevance of the research. Where possible, the applicants should describe how their research and its results could be utilized in education or business. From 2015 to 2017 the KAUTE Foundation emphasises research in the field of digital economy.

We value researchers’ interest in interacting with the Finnish society at large and spreading the word about their research results. We hope that grant recipients would also write accessible articles and blogs, or for example Tweet about their research. We will provide grant recipients with communications training for creating video material, among other things.



Grants are awarded by the Foundation’s board, which can choose to employ the assistance of outside experts in making the decision. Applications directed at special funds are processed by the relevant fund’s advisory board. Grant applications are processed confidentially. Decisions about the awarding of grants are final. The grant recipient must provide a report of research progress. If the research schedule or plan change substantially, the grant recipient must inform KAUTE Foundation.

Applying is done through KAUTE’s grant service. Late applications will not be processed. Practical tips for grant applicants can be found in the FAQ.

For more information, contact Jouni Lounasmaa at [email protected]