Strategy 2024-2026

The KAUTE foundation’s strategy for the years 2024-26 focuses on developing relationships with grantees and stakeholders. In terms of grants, we focus on working grants for researchers at the beginning of their careers and on supporting researchers’ international mobility.


We support research and dissemination of economics and technical sciences. The aim of the foundation is to promote the sustainable renewal of Finnish business and society.

Vision 2030

We consistently adhere to our goal of supporting the sustainable renewal of Finnish society. We support innovative projects with the potential to change the world.

The initiatives and research supported by KAUTE are pragmatic and the ability of researchers to popularize science outside the academic world is valued. We take on new roles and gain a reputation as an active conversationalist, experimenter, and disseminator of new ideas.

At the core of our network are other foundations, Finnish universities, companies and grant recipients. Its most important assets are investments and a strong partner network. Our operations are transparent and sustainable, whether it is the responsibility of the investment portfolio or the evaluation criteria for grants.

Strategic goals

The strategic goals concretize the priorities of the foundation’s development. In the strategy period, we want to focus on developing the grant process so that it better serves the needs of grant recipients and takes into account changes in the operating environment. Secondly, we want to increase the foundation’s investment in providing the interaction and networking opportunities for the researchers receiving funding and other relevant stakeholders. At its best, the foundation is a platform that, in addition to providing funding, contributes to the career development of researchers and helps transfer research results to the use of society and businesses.

Strategic themes for 2024-2026

The strategic themes take a stand on topical issues that are pressing for the foundation. By focusing on selected themes, we can make informed choices and direct the foundation’s resources efficiently. We believe that by focusing on selected future-oriented themes, we effectively support the sustainable renewal of Finnish business life and society.

The themes for 2024-2026 are:

  • Supporting development through digitalization
  • Accelerating the sustainability transition
  • A diverse and just future

Supporting development through digitalization

Digitalization shapes society and the business operating environment across industries. Digitalization creates new solutions to society’s challenges but it also raises new questions. How to evaluate the new environmental burden caused by digitalization, while pursuing carbon neutrality and resource efficiency? How to ensure that everyone is included in the digital transformation? Who owns the data and what are the rules for its use? Some topics related to theme are for example

  • New dimensions of data utilization
  • The environmental effects of digitization
  • Robotics
  • The impact of digitization on working life
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Information security and data protection
  • Data ethics

Accelerating the sustainability transition

The earth’s carrying capacity is not sufficient to sustain our current lifestyles. The climate crisis, the rapid loss of biodiversity and the scarcity of resources require quick and sustainable solutions so that our planet can remain habitable and provide a humane living environment for future generations as well. In addition to reducing harmful environmental effects, the focus needs to be on repairing the damage already done. We need a fast transition from a fossil economy to a regenerative economy, in which more is returned to the planet than taken from it. The goal is for people to live within the limits of available resources without endangering the well-being of future generations. Topics related to the theme are for example

  • Resource efficiency
  • Security of supply
  • Life cycle thinking in value chains and networks
  • Energy transition (and emission-free energy)
  • Circular economy
  • Regenerative food production
  • Building resilience in organizations and the society

A diverse and just future

Digitalization and the sustainability transition require us to pay attention to the fairness and equality aspects of the changes – both in Finland and globally. Some professions and industries will likely disappear, but the transitions will also help new opportunities arise. Ability to learn and to adopt new skills are much needed capital both for nations and individuals. Finland needs international experts. Society and the working life are increasingly multicultural and diverse. New knowledge is often created at the intersections of research fields, which is why it is important to increase dialogue across research fields and industries. Some topics related to the theme are

  • Changing working life
  • A fair sustainability transition
  • International experts in Finnish society and working life
  • Emerging fields of research