24.02.2020 News

World changers

Jouni Lounasmaa served as the KAUTE Foundation’s director for ten years and led the foundation into the 2010s. Over the last decade, the foundation’s interaction with the rest of society has increased and its cooperation with other foundations has strengthened. The beginning of the 2020s marked another change for the foundation, when Tuomas Olkku took over as Lounasmaa’s successor. His task is to take the foundation in an even more influential direction.

KAUTE’s Avartajat series introduces new and interesting exploration awards from researchers funded by the Foundation. Series stories provide fresh insights into current and emerging phenomena in commercial and technical sciences.

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17.02.2020 News

KAUTE’s grant application results will be published in June

The KAUTE Foundation received a total of 315 applications in January’s call for grant applications. Grant decisions will be published in early June.

09.01.2019 News


KAUTE Foundation: Call for grant applications in technology and economics.

12.12.2018 News

The KAUTE Foundation is reforming its grants: “We want to take forward things that will change the world”

The KAUTE Foundation’s objective is to promote the sustainable renewal of Finnish business and society. That is why more emphasis will be placed on working grants in the future.

25.10.2018 News

Politics, data and poetry at European Forum Alpbach

This blog post shares experiences of the scholarship holders Oliver Heinonen and Annina Lattu from this year’s European Forum Alpbach as well as some of the most intriguing nuggets of the global dynamics discussed at the forum. This year the forum’s theme was “Diversity & Resilience”.

Tutkijat maailmalle on KAUTE-säätiön, Walter Ahlströmin säätiön ja Liikesivistysrahaston yhteinen kansainvälistymisohjelma. Blogissa ohjelmaan osallistuneet tutkijat kertovat kokemuksistaan kansainvälisessä tutkijavaihdossa.

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10.09.2018 News

PoDoCo grant applications open 15.9-31.10.2018

Are you a company with cutting-edge renewal ideas and looking for the help of a talented postdoc to investigate your ideas? Are you a young postdoc interested in putting your research knowledge and expertise into practice? PoDoCo program may be just right for you! PoDoCo is a matchmaking program supporting long term competitiveness and strategic… Read more

25.01.2017 News

Global Impact Challenge Finland 2017

Global Impact Challenge Finland 2017 seeks people with solutions to grand global challenges. The winner will receive a 34 000 € scholarship to Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program at NASA Ames in California. A Silicon Valley think tank and business incubator Singularity University is opening an exceptional innovation competition in Finland for the third time. The… Read more

12.09.2016 News

PoDoCo GRANTS 15.9.-31.10.2016

PoDoCo PROGRAM GRANTS APPLICATION ROUND OPENS 15.9.-31.10.2016 Post Docs in Companies, PoDoCo, is a matchmaking program supporting long term competitiveness and strategic renewal of companies and employment of young doctors in the private sector. The duration of PoDoCo period is 1-2 years and it consist of two phases: research period and targeted research period. PoDoCo… Read more

30.05.2016 News

Approved grants 2016

  SANTASALON AND PUROMÄKI GRANTS Spring 2016 the foundation is giving a only limited amount of grants. Niilo V. ja Lauri N. Santasalo grants for cleantech The purpose of the fund is to support research on clean technology, especially on clean water. 2016 grants are: Hiltunen, Anna Katariina 12.000€ for research on: “Biofilmien muodostuminen vedenpuhdistusta tehostaville nanosuodattimille”. Häyrynen, Piia 6.000€… Read more

22.12.2015 News

Merry Christmas

KAUTE Foundation wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New for all scholars, partners and supporters! The next grant payments will be made on March 22.

01.06.2015 News

Tutkijat maailmalle -apurahapäätökset

490.000 EUROA TUTKIJAVAIHTOON HUIPPUYLIOPISTOISSA Tutkijat maailmalle -ohjelma tarjoaa apurahoja tekniikan ja kauppatieteiden tutkimukseen ulkomailla. Kevään 2015 haussa myönnettiin rahoitusta 22 tutkijalle yhteensä 490.000 euroa. Suosituin kohdemaa on Yhdysvallat, jonne suuntaa yhdeksän tutkijaa ja toiseksi suosituin on Ranska, jonne lähtee neljä tutkijaa. Ohjelmaan saapui yhteensä 85 apurahahakemusta, joiden yhteenlaskettu hakusumma oli 1,9 miljoonaa euroa. Rahoituspäätöksiä ohjaa kunkin ohjelmassa… Read more