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KAUTE Foundation supports research in economics and technical sciences and the dissemination of research results.

KAUTE in brief

We support the best researchers in the field to produce results that reach not just the scientific community, but also businesses and decision-makers. Our aim is to help Finnish society and businesses to reform economically, socially and ecologically in a sustainable way.


6,2 million €

granted in 2012–2021



awarded grants in 2012–2021


8.62 %

annual average return on capital in 2012–2021


Circular economy is nothing new

Circular economy probably sounds like a modern movement to most people, but actually it’s nothing new, writes KAUTE’s grantee Savu Rovanto in their Researcher Blog. Rovanto is a PhD candidate at Aalto University, where their research focuses on societal and normative aspects of circular economy in Europe and Japan.


Over 600,000 euros to research in economics and technical sciences

In KAUTE’s general grant call of spring 2022, 39 researchers received a grant. The funded amount increased by over 100,000 euros compared to last year. The foundation’s strategic themes were reflected in the funding decisions.


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