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KAUTE Foundation supports research in economics and technical sciences and the dissemination of research results.

KAUTE in brief

We support the best researchers in the field to produce results that reach not just the scientific community, but also businesses and decision-makers. Our aim is to help Finnish society and businesses to reform economically, socially and ecologically in a sustainable way.


6,2 million €

granted in 2011–2020



awarded grants in 2011–2020


5,85 %

annual average return on capital in 2011–2020


Who should be the Young Researcher Entrepreneur of 2021? Send your own nomination!

The Young Research Entrepreneur of the Year is a 5,000 euro award given annually by the KAUTE Foundation’s Academic Entrepreneurship Fund to a researcher who has developed a new research-based business. We are now seeking candidates for the award!


KAUTE talks brings together researchers and companies

KAUTE talks events bring together researchers and companies that apply research knowledge into practise to discuss topics important to Finnish industries and society. The events offer latest research information and the views of companies and other research practitioners on current research needs.


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