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KAUTE Foundation supports research in economics and technical sciences and the dissemination of research results.

KAUTE in brief

We support the best researchers in the field to produce results that reach not just the scientific community, but also businesses and decision-makers. Our aim is to help Finnish society and businesses to reform economically, socially and ecologically in a sustainable way.


7,2 million €

granted in 2013–2023



awarded grants in 2013–2023


4.5 %

annual average return on capital in 2013–2023


Researchers Abroad grant call is open March 1 through April 12 – apply for funding for a research visit abroad

Are you considering a research visit to a top-level university or a research institute abroad? The joint Researchers Abroad grant call by KAUTE Foundation, the Foundation for Economic Education, Walter Ahlström Foundation and Nokia Foundation for international research visits in business and technical sciences is open from March 1 to April 12, 2024.


A large volume of applications in KAUTE Foundation’s spring 2024 grant application round

KAUTE Foundation’s spring 2024 grant application round, which closed at the end of January, received 391 applications in total. The total value of the applied grants reached 7,7 million euros. Grant decisions will be announced in May.


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