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The finalists for the Young Researcher Entrepreneur Award 2020

The finalists for the Young Researcher Entrepreneur 2020 are all solving various problems with their new research-based innovations. The winner of the award will be published in the end of February 2021.

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Jan Goetz ja Kuan Tan

IQM Finland, co-founded by Jan Goetz and Kuan Tan together with their two colleagues Juha Vartiainen and Mikko Möttönen, is based on innovations that are taking quantum technologies to new heights.

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Jukka Kortelainen

Jukka Kortelainen and his Cerenion company are helping doctors monitor ICU patients’ brain activities with AI.

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Prateek Singh, with his company Finnadvance, is creating an alternative for animal testing in drug research and development.

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