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The number of applications for grants in water technology research almost doubled

The joint grant call by KAUTE Foundation and Erkki Paasikivi Foundation focusing on water technology research ended last Friday. This year, 41 applications were sent to the grant call for a total of 788,000 euros. The number of applications increased significantly compared to last year, when there were 24 applications.

“The joint grant call for water technology research was now held for the second time, and we are glad that more and more researchers are finding it. We are very pleased with this year’s application round,” say Tuomas Olkku, Executive Director of the KAUTE Foundation, and Kristiina Paasikivi, Chairman of the Board of the Erkki Paasikivi Foundation.

The KAUTE Foundation and the Erkki Paasikivi Foundation will evaluate all applications together during October, after which both foundations will make independent grant decisions. Decisions will be published in November.

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