Tutkijat maailmalle -grants 2012

The ”Tutkijat maailmalle” programme offers grants for scientific research in business and engineering abroad. The programme is a five-year-long exchange programme for researchers (2011-2015). The purpose of the programme is to support the researchers of  business and engineering sciences who are going abroad to take part in ambitious research work in a high quality foreign university or research institution. The applicant must have at least a Master’s degree or similar, but the grant may also be given to a professor for a research period. Researchers working within a company may also apply for the grant.

The shared goal of the participating foundations is to promote the operational conditions of Finnish industry and business life by encouraging researchers to internationalise and to aim towards a varied career development in the business and engineering science fields.

The spring 2012 application period ended on 31 March. We received a total of 107 applications. In total, KAUTE granted 346,500 euros to 18 applicants. The next grant application process will be organised in spring 2013. More information at the programme pages.