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Young Researcher Entrepreneur 2015

Reetta Kivelä

Outstanding Young Researcher Entrepreneur makes a complete protein out of Finnish oats

Reetta Kivelä is the Young Researcher Entrepreneur of 2015

The public has voted an oat researcher to be the Young Researcher Entrepreneur of the year Reetta Kivelä. Reetta Kivelä, Doctor of Food Sciences, of Gold & Green Foods Ltd has developed a protein derived from Northern beans and oats, intended to challenge minced meat, the mainstay of everyday cooking.

“The world does not know how to use oats. We now have the opportunity to make use of oats in new and bigger ways. Out of the entire food industry, only we have the know-how as to how to utilize oats,” says Kivelä.

Northern agricultural areas, and the plants that can successfully grow there, are becoming more important in the international food market due to climate change.

“We produce a complete and tasty protein. We want to show that oats can be used in many ways, not just in your breakfast porridge”, Kivelä emphasizes.

The Young Researcher Entrepreneur is a EUR 5000 prize that is awarded to a researcher that has created a research-based business. The aim of the award is to encourage young researchers to pursue careers in entrepreneurship.

Last year, the Young Researcher Entrepreneur award was awarded to Doctor of Technology Johanna Småros, the founder of the RELEX. Supply chain management software developer Relex has just closed a giant EUR 20 million investment round, and it is listed as one of the industry’s fastest growing companies in Europe.

The Young Researcher-Entrepreneur competition is organized through the cooperation of KAUTE Foundation’s Academic Entrepreneurship Fund and the Startup Foundation. This year the competition was decided by a public vote. Dr. Kivelä received 79% of the 4172 votes cast.

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