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Young Researcher Entrepreneur 2017 develops a remedy for cartilage damage

Virpi Muhonen, Doctor of Cell Biology, was awarded with the Young Research Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Muhonen was involved in a multidisciplinary Finnish research group developing a product that can remedy cartilage damage.
The research group consisted of researchers from the University of Helsinki and the Tampere University of Technology. Together they developed an implant called COPLA Scaffold which corrects the damage of the cartilage between joints. So far there has been no cure for the damage to the cartilage, so the need for solutions is severe. At worst, damage leads to osteoarthritis.
In March 2017, the researchers founded a company called Askel Healthcare.

“The way Askel Healthcare’s founders have launched a business is exemplary. They have developed an important innovation and found a niche market that nobody else has discovered. Virpi Muhonen is admirable to actively pursue academic entrepreneurship forward,” says Jouni Lounasmaa, the advocate for the KAUTE Foundation granting the Young Research Entrepreneur of the Year award.

More information:

Virpi Muhonen
CEO, founder, Askel Healthcare Oy
tel. +358 40 489 3840
v.muhonen (at)