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A half a million euros to research in business and technical sciences from KAUTE’s Spring 2023 Grant Call

A total of 528,600 euros was awarded to 35 researchers in the fields of business and technology in the KAUTE Foundation’s general grant call of spring 2023. The grants support, among other things, research into data and artificial intelligence, clean energy and the sustainable use of natural resources.

In KAUTE’s grant call of spring 2023, a total of 203,000 euros was granted to 16 researchers in the field of technology and 268,000 euros to 15 researchers in business sciences. In addition, approximately 58,000 euros was granted to research in other fields important to the foundation’s goals. Most of the grants were awarded for research work, but a small share was also distributed as travel grants and for the development of teaching. Thenumber of travel grant applications increased likely due to the ending of the COVID-19 restrictions.

“Researchers who received funding conduct important, future-oriented research related to data and artificial intelligence, robotics, clean energy and sustainable use of natural resources, among other things. Researchers who have received travel grants go to the top universities in their fields in the United States and around Europe,” says Tuomas Olkku, the Executive Director of the foundation.

A total of 484 applications were received for the grant call, which is about 25 percent more than the previous year. Funding was granted to 7.2 percent of the applications.

“We once again received a large number of high-quality applications. Due to the increased number of applications, the acceptance rate was lower compared to recent years, and unfortunately even very good applicants were left without funding,” says Olkku.

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