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Ashish Mohite named as the Young Researcher Entrepreneur of the Year 2023, Printing Concrete to Change the World

Press release: Thu, April 25, 2024 | KAUTE Foundation

The KAUTE Foundation has named Ashish Mohite as the Young Researcher Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 for his company, Hyperion Robotics, which reduces carbon footprint through low-carbon concrete 3D printing.
“In this era, I find it important to seek better and faster ways to help our planet,” says Ashish Mohite of Hyperion Robotics. The KAUTE Foundation honors Mohite with the Young Researcher Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 recognition award.

Founded by Mohite in 2020, the company focuses on reducing carbon footprint through low-carbon concrete 3D printing. It manufactures optimized structural elements, such as water tanks and foundations, for energy and water construction needs. “Entrepreneurship suits me. I love problem-solving and a life that challenges me,” he says.

“As a climate technology company, we help construction companies reduce their carbon dioxide emissions,” Mohite explains. “Concrete is the second most used material on Earth, accounting for 8% of emissions. We can help companies and this planet with our technology.”

Executive Director Tuomas Olkku emphasizes the importance of researcher entrepreneurship to the KAUTE Foundation: “It is one relevant path for the practical application of research results. Companies based on high expertise produce added value widely around them.” Olkku hopes that especially young researchers will see entrepreneurship as a career option and a way to implement their research into practice.

Jury and Criteria

The Young Research Entrepreneur of the Year was chosen by a jury consisting of Mikael Pentikäinen, CEO of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises; entrepreneur and chairman of AKY – Akavalaiset Yrittäjät ry, Timo Saranpää; Chairman of the Board of Futurice Oy, Hanna Sievinen; and the winner of the 2022 Young Researcher Entrepreneur award, Mikko Hänninen, CEO of Weeefiner Oy.

The jury justified the award to Ashish Mohite on the grounds that he has succeeded in creating rapidly growing business in a short period and establishing relationships with significant customers. As the founder and CTO of the company, Mohite has a significant role in developing his company.

The jury also noted Hyperion Robotics’ core work. The company’s concrete 3D printing technology reduces the need for raw materials by utilizing industrial by-products and significantly reduces the carbon footprint of concrete structures. The Hyperion team is full of international top experts and is exemplary in other respects as well.

In addition to Mohite, the candidates for the Young Researcher Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 award were Laura Koivusalo (StemSight) and Jussi Vimpari (Apex Heat). The award amount is 5,000 euros. The award will be presented at the Science Startup Day organized by Business Finland on June 5, 2024.

Ashish Mohite Photo: Iris Mark

For more information, please contact:

Tuomas Olkku
Agent, KAUTE Foundation
+358 40 901 5304

Ashish Mohite
CTO, Hyperion Robotics
Young Research Entrepreneur of the Year 2023
+358 50 476 5661


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