Grants News


The purpose of the KAUTE Foundation’s Foreign Trade Special Fund is to support international exchange studies in business and economics. The fund awards scholarships to students completing a master’s degree at Aalto University. Priority is given to students of the School of Business. 

In the spring 2020, the fund will provide grants to cover study exchange expenses for the academic year 2020-2021. The scholarship is intended to encourage students to apply for exchange period to high-quality universities. Participation in summer schools organized by universities can also be supported. 

The decision to award a scholarship can be made after the student has been accepted for a study exchange to a foreign university. The application should include an estimate for expenses. The maximum amount of the grant is € 2,500. 

The application should be accompanied by a proof of acceptance to exchange program and a plan for the courses to be completed during the exchange period. The studies completed in foreign university must be acceptable for a degree in economics in the home university. The grant can only be awarded once and must be applied for before the start of the exchange period. 

The application is made through the Kaute’s application system, The application period is 4.5.-22.5.2020. Grant applications submitted after the deadline will not be processed.

 For more information please  contact: info [at]