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Grant decisions for water technology research are published

Further funding was granted for a number of previous studies in this year’s funding round. 

A total of around 116,000 euros was awarded to six applicants in this year’s grant call for water technology research by KAUTE Foundation’s Niilo V. and Lauri N. Santasalo Fund and Erkki Paasikivi Foundation. There were 41 grant applications, in which the total amount of applied funding was 788,000 euros.

Santasalo Foundation awarded a grant of 22,000 euros for a one-year period to two researchers. Funding was granted to Markus Koppanen from the University of Tampere for research on online measurement of drinking water quality and to Anjan Deb from the University of Helsinki for the development of a photocatalytic thin-film for drinking water purification. The grants are a continuation of the funding awarded last year.

Erkki Paasikivi Foundation also granted further funding to four researchers. A grant of 22,000 euros for a one-year period was awarded to Arto Pikkarainen for research on alkali-activated materials at the University of Oulu, Japheth Koros for research on the impact of local level participation on stunted increase in water and sanitation access in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Shelmith Theuri for research on hybridizations of electrochemical methods for electrosynthesis of oxidants for drinking water disinfection at the University of Tampere. In addition, Kyösti Rajaniemi was granted 6,000 euros to complete his dissertation research on the novel continuous electrocoagulation and utilization of forming sludge.

It’s important to us to provide long-term funding for promising young researchers. This will allow them to focus on their research instead of writing grant applications and enable us to ensure the completion of funded research. However, we are also looking for new research to be funded every year, so it is possible to get funding in the next funding round, even if you are applying for a grant for the first time,” say Tuomas Olkku, a representative of the KAUTE Foundation, and Kristiina Paasikivi from Erkki Paasikivi Foundation.

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