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Here are the funding decisions for spring 2022 – over 600,000 euros to research in economics and technical sciences

In KAUTE Foundation’s spring 2022 general grant call, a total of 627,000 euros was awarded to 39 applicants. The funded amount increased by over 100,000 euros compared to last year. The foundation’s strategic themes were reflected in the funding decisions.

387 applications were received in the spring 2022 grant period, of which 10.1 per cent was granted funding. The total amount of funding requested was 6.5 million euros, of which 9.6 per cent was granted.

Funding focused on the Foundation’s strategic themes: funding was provided for a number of research topics related to energy transformation, sustainable transition and artificial intelligence, for example. Of the funding granted, 300,000 euros was distributed to 19 researchers in the field of technology and 301,000 euros to 18 researchers in economics. In addition, approximately 26,000 euros was granted to research in other fields of study.

“We are very pleased with both the number and quality of applications. There is a lot of high-quality research in Finland that can help the society to succeed in the future. In addition to funding, we strive to provide grant recipients with channels to share their research with a wider audience than academia, so that research can be put into practice as effectively as possible,” says Tuomas Olkku, Executive Director of KAUTE Foundation.

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