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International networks from research visits abroad – apply for a grant from 1 March to 14 April

Have you dreamed of a research visit to a high-level foreign university or research institute? Apply for a Researchers Abroad (Tutkijat maailmalle) grant in technology or business sciences from March 1 to April 14, 2023.

The Researchers Abroad program offers grants for 6-12 month continuous research visits to foreign universities or research institutes.

The grant applicant must be:

  • a Finnish citizen or live permanently in Finland
  • a doctoral researcher, a post-doctoral researcher in the early stages of their career or a researcher working in a company
  • researcher in a technical or commercial field (grants are not awarded for research in medicine, biotechnology or architecture)

The maximum amount of an individual grant is 50,000 euros. A total of 450,000 euros is to be distributed in the grant application period this year. Read the application instructions and send your application by April 14!

International networks and new skills for 225 researchers

The goal of the Researchers Abroad program is to encourage researchers to internationalize and support their versatile career development in business and technical fields.

Since 2011, the program has:

  • funded research visits for 225 researchers to foreign universities or institutes,
  • distributed nearly 5 million euros in grants, and
  • supported research at high-level universities around the world in the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

According to the grant recipients, the program has also had clear effects on their career development. In the KAUTE Foundation’s impact report published last year, the grantees described that the research visit gave them international networks, which have resulted in new opportunities in international research projects, for example. Many had also received a new job or a significant grant immediately after the grant period.

The research visit has had a big impact both on my professional career as well as on my personal development,” says Joonas Lehtovaara, who was on a research visit at UC Berkeley.

Impact through the cooperation of foundations

The Researchers Abroad program is co-financed by the KAUTE Foundation, the Foundation for Economic Education, the Walter Ahlström Foundation and the Nokia Foundation, which has joined the group as a new member this year. The Nokia Foundation, founded by the Nokia company in 1995, promotes and supports scientific development and education in the fields of information and telecommunications technology in Finland.

By joining forces with other foundations, we can significantly promote the internationalization of young researchers. The cooperation also makes it easier for applicants to apply for funding, as they can reach a larger group of potential research funders through one grant program and application,” says Hannu Kauppinen, chairman of the board of the Nokia Foundation.

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