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KAUTE talks x Aalto University: Building a zero-carbon society

Please register here to the event by 6 April. The link to the webcast will be added to this page closer to the event.

Covid-19 has put society ahead of the new. At the same time, major changing trends such as climate change, digitalisation and global polarization continue to shape operating environments for the research communities, businesses and society, creating both threats and opportunities. There has been talk of reconstruction, and this is also reflected in allocation of recovery assets on a high level.

The EU’s Green Deal seeks to focus stimulus funds on sustainable development, positive climate impact and the promotion of digitalisation. Its ambitious target – carbon neutrality by 2050 – has wide-ranging ramifications in the society, with facts poorly understood and mechanisms yet to be discovered. Reaching those goals will require fundamental changes to things like our traffic systems, energy production and housing policies.

The steep rise in inequality is a fundamental challenge for economic policies, including those on climate change. France’s “yellow vest” protests are a fresh illustration of why not only setting a price for carbon, but also the distribution of costs, matters for outcomes. What are the technological and institutional solutions that will allow us to reach the target at a reasonable cost in transportation and in the energy sector? In housing, how do we rebuild the capital stock to meet the carbon neutrality targets?

Speakers of the event include:

  • Matti Liski, Professor, Aalto University
  • Miika Johansson, Business Unit Lead, Renewable Energy, St1 Nordic Oy
  • Matti Rautkivi, Director, New business, Wärtsilä Energy

The recordings of the other two events in the webinar series (opens in a new tab):

KAUTE talks x Aalto University is a new webinar series bringing together representatives from the industry and academia, to discuss and learn about world-shaping phenomena of our time through focused and thought-provoking presentations. This event is produced in cooperation with KAUTE Foundation.