The number of applicants for the Researchers Abroad program increased

The application period for the Researchers Award program ended last Friday. A total of 74 applications were received for the program, and the number of applications increased by more than half compared to last year. The amount applied for this year was a total of 1.9 million euros, and a total of 450,000 euros in grants can be distributed.

This year, the most applications came from technical sciences, a total of 37 applications. There were 27 applications from business sciences and 10 applications from other disciplines.

Funding decisions will be announced in June. Thanks to everyone who participated in the grant call!

The goal of the Researchers for the World program is to encourage researchers to internationalize and have versatile career development in business and technical fields. Since 2011, the program has funded the research visits abroad for 225 researchers for a total of almost 5 million euros.

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