Foundations support the promotion of researcher mobility – spring 2020 Tutkijat maailmalle grant decisions have been made

The 2020 Tutkijat maailmalle call for grant applications received 51 applications. The KAUTE Foundation funded five researchers’ visits to foreign universities for a total of 84,190 euros. The grant recipients’ studies address, among other things, the investment value of intelligence in buildings and body-adapted electronics.

Tutkijat maailmalle is a joint grant programme of the KAUTE Foundation, the Walter Ahlström Foundation and the Foundation for Economic Education. Its aim is to support the internationalisation of researchers in technology and economics.

The corona pandemic did not affect grant applications

The KAUTE Foundation’s Executive Director Tuomas Olkku is pleased that the corona situation did not seem to reduce the applicants’ interest in the foundations’ joint grant programme.

“It was nice to notice that despite the exceptional spring, we received a large number of high-level applications for the programme”, Olkku says.

Collaborating with other foundations is an opportunity for KAUTE to punch above its weight and support issues that are important for the career development of researchers.

“The Tutkijat maailmalle programme is a great fruit of cooperation between foundations. By participating in the funding of the programme, we are supporting a topic that is important to KAUTE: the mobility and internationalisation of researchers”, Tuomas Olkku concludes.

Read about the grants awarded

KAUTE’s March–April calls for grant applications: internationalisation and business cooperation

KAUTE’s March–April calls for grant applications offer opportunities for internationalisation and cooperation with business. Check out the grant application descriptions and apply for funding!

Tutkijat maailmalle programme

The Tutkijat maailmalle programme supports research conducted abroad in the technical sciences and economics. The programme is intended for researchers who go abroad to do research at top-level universities or research institutes. The programme’s grants are meant for a longer stay, preferably at least six months, in the host country. The grants are suitable for doctoral researchers and post doc researchers in the early stages of their careers. Researchers working at companies can also apply for Tutkijat maailmalle funding.

The Tutkijat maailmalle programme is run jointly by the KAUTE Foundation, the Walter Ahlström Foundation and the Foundation for Economic Education. The spring application period is 1.3.–15.4.2020. Read more and apply for a grant.

Post Docs in Companies (PoDoCo) programme

Post Docs in Companies (PoDoCo) is a joint programme of Finnish foundations, universities and business, which aims to support the competitive ability and strategic renewal of Finnish business through academic research, as well as help young post docs gain employment in companies. The funded projects are 1–2 years long and consist of a research period and a targeted research period in a company.

Researchers from all fields and all companies operating in Finland can apply to the programme. KAUTE funds two post doc researchers in economics or technical sciences through the programme each year. The spring PoDoCo application period is 1.3.–15.4.2020. Read more and apply.

European Forum Alpbach

The European Forum Alpbach is a multidisciplinary meeting place for science, art, culture, politics and economics in the village of Alpbach in the Austrian Alps. Each year, the forum brings together about 5,000 participants and 900 high-profile speakers for three weeks. The programme addresses global themes such as climate change, refugees, democratic change and technology. The theme for 2020 is called Fundamentals.

The European Forum Alpbach offers a scholarship programme for active young people under the age of 30 interested in having an impact. Each year around 700 people from 80 countries participate in the forum through the scholarship programme. The KAUTE Foundation and the Finnish Cultural Foundation make it possible for eight young Finns to participate each year. The forum will be held 19.8.–4.9.2020.

The application period for the scholarship programme at the 2020 Forum is open between 17.2.–31.3.2020. Read more and apply for a scholarship.

Also check out the experiences of Finnish scholars from previous years and the blog entries of the 2019 participants.

KAUTE’s grant application results will be published in June

The majority of applications came from the field of economics, 166 in total, whereas 130 applications came from the field of technical sciences and 19 applications from other fields.

A total of just over 4.3 million euros in grants were applied for this spring. This represents a decrease of about 14 percent from the year 2019, when a total of 5.1 million euros in grants were applied for.

This year, during the grant application process, applicants were also asked for feedback on the execution of the grant application process. The survey received 126 responses. In addition to praise, we also received suggestions for improvement to streamline the process. Open responses included requests for making the application form instructions more clear, for example. We are working to improve the grant application process based on the feedback we received.

Grant decisions will be published in early June 2020. Thank you to everyone who participated in the application process and gave their feedback!