Foundations support the promotion of researcher mobility – spring 2020 Tutkijat maailmalle grant decisions have been made

The 2020 Tutkijat maailmalle call for grant applications received 51 applications. The KAUTE Foundation funded five researchers’ visits to foreign universities for a total of 84,190 euros. The grant recipients’ studies address, among other things, the investment value of intelligence in buildings and body-adapted electronics.

Tutkijat maailmalle is a joint grant programme of the KAUTE Foundation, the Walter Ahlström Foundation and the Foundation for Economic Education. Its aim is to support the internationalisation of researchers in technology and economics.

The corona pandemic did not affect grant applications

The KAUTE Foundation’s Executive Director Tuomas Olkku is pleased that the corona situation did not seem to reduce the applicants’ interest in the foundations’ joint grant programme.

“It was nice to notice that despite the exceptional spring, we received a large number of high-level applications for the programme”, Olkku says.

Collaborating with other foundations is an opportunity for KAUTE to punch above its weight and support issues that are important for the career development of researchers.

“The Tutkijat maailmalle programme is a great fruit of cooperation between foundations. By participating in the funding of the programme, we are supporting a topic that is important to KAUTE: the mobility and internationalisation of researchers”, Tuomas Olkku concludes.

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KAUTE’s grant decisions have been published – grants in particular for digitalisation and sustainable development research

The KAUTE Foundation received a total of 315 applications in the spring general call for grant applications. The amount of funding applied for was 4.4 million euros. Grants were awarded to 23 applicants for a total of 283,600 euros.

The applications submitted in the first call for applications of the decade displayed an emphasis on sustainable development and digitalisation. These themes were also clearly seen in projects that received funding.

Grants were awarded for research that addresses, among other things, collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence, renewable energy systems, and the use of virtual reality in retail.

The foundation also provided follow-up funding for researchers who have previously received a grant from the foundation.

“This year, the standard of applications was very high. KAUTE has clearly become a key foundation from which top applicants in basic and applied research seek funding”, says Matti Suominen, chairman of the foundation’s board.

Read about the grants awarded