KAUTE’s grant decisions have been published – grants in particular for digitalisation and sustainable development research

The KAUTE Foundation received a total of 315 applications in the spring general call for grant applications. The amount of funding applied for was 4.4 million euros. Grants were awarded to 23 applicants for a total of 283,600 euros.

The applications submitted in the first call for applications of the decade displayed an emphasis on sustainable development and digitalisation. These themes were also clearly seen in projects that received funding.

Grants were awarded for research that addresses, among other things, collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence, renewable energy systems, and the use of virtual reality in retail.

The foundation also provided follow-up funding for researchers who have previously received a grant from the foundation.

“This year, the standard of applications was very high. KAUTE has clearly become a key foundation from which top applicants in basic and applied research seek funding”, says Matti Suominen, chairman of the foundation’s board.

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KAUTE’s grant application results will be published in June

The majority of applications came from the field of economics, 166 in total, whereas 130 applications came from the field of technical sciences and 19 applications from other fields.

A total of just over 4.3 million euros in grants were applied for this spring. This represents a decrease of about 14 percent from the year 2019, when a total of 5.1 million euros in grants were applied for.

This year, during the grant application process, applicants were also asked for feedback on the execution of the grant application process. The survey received 126 responses. In addition to praise, we also received suggestions for improvement to streamline the process. Open responses included requests for making the application form instructions more clear, for example. We are working to improve the grant application process based on the feedback we received.

Grant decisions will be published in early June 2020. Thank you to everyone who participated in the application process and gave their feedback!